Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Challenge

So, the date is January 11th, 2014.

No, not today.

I'm telling a story here.

Anyway, the date is January 11th, 2014. I'm bored, I'm hanging out on Twitter as I'm want to do, and a tweet catches my eye.

"I've gone an entire day without dealing with an atheist"

I, of course, being an atheist and kind of a jerk, reply.

"Define "dealing with", or did I screw up your streak?"

She replied, and that was the start. I'm not going to go all "He said she said" for the entire conversation. It's Twitter. If you want to read it, it's out there. I'm going to skip to the end (Spoilers!) and just say that what kind of started out with a smart ass remark ended as a pretty decent conversation.

A couple days pass before she makes a comment about something and I reply again, sparking another pretty decent conversation. We were talking about kids and how I think all parents want to pass their own values on to their children, when I admitted that I sometimes feel bad for my parents in that regard. If you skipped over my Introduction post, I was raise in a nice conservative Christian home in small town America. I didn't exactly follow in my parents footsteps.

That prompted "The Question". "At what point did you decide you didn't believe in God?"

The conversation continues and she mentions a book that she's reading called "Unraveling the Origins". It's for a class that she's currently taking. The author is a professor at her school.

She says, "You should read that book and tell me what you think!" The first thing that pops into my head in a very Barney Stinson sounding voice is, "Challenge Accepted!"

I've since acquired the book, and I'm going to write a blog post on each chapter as I read them. Mostly I'm doing this because she said that she'd be interested to hear my thoughts on it, and I'm having a hard time imagining how I could compress my thoughts on a book into 140 character comments. I have a blog, so why not use it?

And so, look forward to a chapter by chapter analysis of David DeWitt's book, "Unraveling the Origins Controversy" as I get through the book.